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Give Your Art A Fresh Start in 2018

Give your Art a Fresh Start in 2018

Whether you believe in New Year's resolutions or not, the month of January feels like a new beginning for all sorts of things.  How do you make the most of that momentum and make positive changes to give your art a jump start?!

Getting back into a routine and finding time for your own interests can be difficult after the festive season  but it's also the perfect opportunity to take any revived inspiration and enthusiasm and try something new.  These are my top tips for making the most of your New Year fresh start:



1.        Get back in touch with what inspires you


How long since you visited an art gallery, a sculpture park or a craft show? Take a walk around your neighbourhood or in the countryside, go to concerts and museums to get the juices flowing. If you’re out and about, take photos or collect items that inspire you (keep a supply of sandwich bags with you!)


2.        Make time for what makes you happy


Your favourite hobby can become a wasted frustration if you don’t give yourself the time to enjoy it. Try to be disciplined – turn your phone off, close the door, and put up a ‘Do Not Disturb, Artist at Work’ sign to stop interruptions. If necessary, put the time in your diary and stick to it like any important appointment.


3.        Something old, something new


This could be the perfect time to experiment with something new – a new technique or even a whole new art form. By trying something new, you can learn more about what you really like to do and discover more about yourself and your skills – just enjoy yourself and see what happens. Alternatively, revisiting old interests can boost your confidence in taking new directions and show you how far you’ve come.


4.        Time to shop!


January is a great time to take stock of your equipment, is it looking tatty and not fit for purpose? Are there new colours and tools on the market that could boost your creative inspiration? Now’s the time to upgrade and replace your materials, and get started on a new project.


5.        A tidy workspace


You might find that improving the area you work your magic in, will help to kickstart your art! Declutter and display everything so you can find what you need easily, clean your tools and rearrange furniture to make sure you are working near the best light source. 

So whether you’re embarking on a completely new form of art or want to develop your skills within your chosen hobby, follow these tips to rekindle that spark and discover the joy of creating pieces as unique as you are!


If your inspiration needs a boost, you need to upgrade your materials or want to try something completely new with Powertex, take a look at Artistic ReTreats workshops and supplies. www.artisticretreats.co.uk