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A Gift of Love from Artistic ReTreats

A Gift of Love from Artistic ReTreats!

To celebrate the month of Love, I ran a Valentine's themed workshop to decorate a beautiful heart-shaped box.  I though I'd share the process so you too can create a unique box, in any shape you fancy, as a unique gift for someone special or just for yourself!  With Powertex & the huge range of embellishments, inks, rice papers & finishes, the sky's the limit on this wonderful project!  Happy Making! 



My heart shaped box with a hinged lid is around 10cm in size. Square, round, hexagonal & oval shaped boxes are also very effective.


Step 1: I applied a coat of ivory Powertex all over the box as a base coat.


Step 2: I chose a lovely rice paper with a rose/floral design and applied it using Easy Coat Glossy. There are so many amazing rice papers to choose from, it’s hard to pick!


Step 3: When this layer has dried, carefully cut along the opening line of the box with a sharp craft knife.


Step 4: I stencilled on the top of the box with Easy Structure paste and sprayed it with red bister to enhance the Valentine’s theme. This is great because you can lift off the bister with a damp sponge, giving a lovely mottled effect.


Step 5: I painted over the ivory with red Powertex for a more striking look. It’s important to do this after applying the rice paper as the rice paper remains slightly translucent & the Red Powertex would show through the design, loosing definition.


Step 6: To make the rose on the top of the box, I dipped some t-shirt yarn into Red Powertex and twisted and shaped it into the little rose feature. A scrap of any natural fibre fabric would work.


Step 7: I added lace to my design and chose a couple of lovely MDF hearts and a metal key to create the final embellishments.


Step 8: As the finishing touch, I dry brushed some Rich Gold Colourtricx mixed with Easy Varnish onto selected parts of the box to highlight the special features.


This box was simple to make and gives so much pleasure. I’m thinking of all the variations on different themes that a gift box would be perfect for – vintage car or Cheshire Cat rice papers, skull or fossil stencils, leaf moulds or Egyptian stamps – the options are endless and that’s what makes working with Powertex so exciting!


There are lots more tips and techniques to help you get the most out of Powertex products on my website. Or why not check out the workshops coming up at Artistic ReTreats? www.artisticretreats.co.uk


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