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Bringing a garden to life with sculpture

Bringing a Garden to Life with Sculpture

Sculpture has a wonderful effect on a garden - adding interest and intrigue - not only giving the viewer something lovely to look at but leading the eyes and feet around the garden.  Sculpture means different things to different people - it might be a special piece of art, a fountain of even a bench.  Anything that provides a focal point while enhancing the planting of the garden, adding drama and interest to the space.


I love visiting gardens.  I love that moment when you turn a corner and catch a glimpse of a statue or an interesting pot that draws you towards that area.  The range of materials and designs in garden sculpture these day means that there is something to liven up even the smallest patio or balcony on any budget.  Stone, metal, wood, resin or glass all give a different and often striking effect.


Sculpture is certainly not off-limits to a small garden.  Reduced space just requires a little more imagination and planning, for instance, combining a sculpture thats also a water feature, or carefully positionaing a stack of pots or wall planters and plaques.


A fabulous way to bring originality to the garden and a smile to your face is to create your own piece of sculpture that's unique and designed for a special place in your garden.  My garden has figures and animals dotted amongst the plants that I enjoy with a sense of pride & nostalgia.


One of my most popular workshops is to make a sheep or highland cow sculpture.  Both start life as a tangle of garden wire, bubbly wrap, tin foil & masking tape.  It's incredible to see how they evolve into loveable characters with the use of Powertex air-drying clay and dipped cotton thread.  The sheep is finished off with balls of thread and the highlander has strands of cotton - a very effective finish that gives the appearance of their textural coats & is weather resistant.


In fact, many of the pieces we make at Artistic ReTreats workshops can be placed outside with a little adjustment.  A heavier base for an elegant figure or some outdoor lights twinkling inside a fairy house makes a wonderful focal point in the garden.


I use recycled items and nature in many of our creations.  Our 2 hr Garden Wall Plaque is built upon an old vinyl record and recycled textiles, whilst the Stone Art sculptures & wall plaques can include interesting shapes or leaves pressed into the clay, then highlighted with pigments to bring the patterns to life - a really effective piece of decor for the outside of your home.


If you're tempted to liven up your garden or patio space with a piece of unique sculpture, check out our upcoming workshops at www.artisticretreats.co.uk to find something that catches your eye.  Be warned though - making Powertex .art can be additctive - you may not be able to stop at just one piece of fabulous art for your garden!