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Making Time for your Art

Making Time for your Art

As we head full pelt towards the school holidays, many (mostly) Mums will be dreading the loss of time and the change of routine that having kids around all day will enforce upon them.

Whether art is your hobby or your profession, it can be really hard to find the time to invest in it – you feel guilty for leaving the children to screen time or relying on friends and family for an afternoon of childcare.

But you really mustn't feel guilty - it’s so important for your mental wellbeing to keep up your commitment to your artwork.  Life might be hectic but giving yourself some creative space will help you feel more fulfilled and enjoy the time you have with your children.

Here are my tips for finding time for your art, around family and work:

  1. Make a date with your art - just like 'date night' with your husband, sit down with your diary and plan some time to yourself, even just a couple of hours a week.  And make sure your stick with the plan.  A small amount of time each week will soon add up and you'll really look forward to your 'me time'.
  2. Delegate chores – keep the children busy over the holidays and share out the housework - it's good  for them to learn life skills and frees up some time for you.  It's easy to get into a rut and assume that others in your home 'can't' do the chores when they are actually more than capable.  As a thank you or reward, plan a trip out together.
  3. Become a lark, not an owl - make the most of these gorgeous bright mornings by getting up an hour earlier, before those lazy teenagers want to surface.  Relish the quiet opportunity to get into your studio, sit at your easel or get out your sketchpad.
  4. Drag yourself away from screens - appparently, we spend over 8 hours a day on media devices (phones, tablets, TV, etc.)  We can surely leave Facebook alone for long enough to switch our brains onto a far more worthwhile and productive activity?
  5. Make it sociable - If you truly can't make the time to be alone with your artistic self, why not share that quality time with your partner, children or friends? You could have an ‘arty morning’ with the children on a rainy Saturday (we’re sure to get one soon!) or invite those neglected friends around for an ‘arty evening’.
  6. Book into an art class or workshop - having a regular or fixed appointment for developing your art is more difficult to wriggle out of.  Book ahead of time so that you can plan childcare around the workshop. Something to look forward to through the trials and tribulations of holiday time!

Get in touch with us if you’d like an ‘Art@Home’ evening with friends or family and check out our amazing workshops on weekdays and weekends to fit into your family schedule. www.artisticretreats.co.uk