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Tripttych Art

Never too expert or too old to learn

This month I held triptych workshops for four lovely ladies – nothing new there, I hear you say. A triptych piece of art consists of three panels that make up the overall image. I usually offer students the chance to create a piece of abstract triptych art using Powertex and recycled fabric and moulded items.


This time, two of the ladies wanted to try the abstract approach, another wanted to create a landscape scene featuring her dog and a pond, and the fourth planned a horse’s head on her triptych panels.


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Floral Rice Paper

Spring has sprung - have fun with florals!


Spring is well and truly here – despite recent weather telling us to get the winter coat out again! I just love the burst of colour that heralds the start of lighter, warmer days. Gardens are full of daffodils, tulips, forsythia and cherry blossom and the trees are tentatively sending out the most vibrant green new leaves – a real treat for the eyes and the soul! 


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Powertex Training Academy

Powertex – a smart business move!

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a Powertex Tutor is being able to pass on the skills for people to create their own amazing sculptures and artwork using Powertex. The sense of satisfaction that I get as a tutor when I see that a student is really happy with their creation never dims over the years I’ve been holding workshops and private classes for people.


This month I’ve been able to take my fulfilling lifestyle to a new level as I, and five other tutors, were taken through a gruelling(!) course learning to train others to become Powertex Training Academy tutors. This is the first time that Powertex UK has opened up the training process and it is a testament to the popularity of the product that the teaching is to be expanded across the country.


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Winter Canvas

On a Cold & Frosty Morning

With the headlines full of global warming and record high temperatures, it’s lovely to be able to enjoy a frosty morning while we can. I’m lucky to live in the countryside and be able to walk from my village down the lanes and love to do this on a chilly, bright day – especially when you can come home to a roaring fire!


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Snowman Figurines

Getting in the Holiday Mood for 2019!

I’m so excited to be able to start the New Year with some amazing news! I am able to offer a five-day Cornish ‘artistic retreat’ Art Holiday in September 2019. This is a dream I’ve had since setting up Artistic ReTreats and with the purchase of our inspirational cottage and studio in West Cornwall last year, the dream is turning into reality.


The advantage of a five-day holiday is that we can explore even more Powertex techniques and products well away from the distractions of home and the clock. This course is ideal for people who like to explore their interests alone or for a couple of friends who love to share their experiences.


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