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Crow Sculpture

Creative inspiration in the form of a rusty crow and molten glass!

I spent a wonderful couple of days on the South Coast with Powertex Tutor Rosie Casselden (www.facebook.com/rosiecasseldenart/), learning some new Powertex techniques and creating a wonderful crow sculpture – more of that later.


I also had another go at glass blowing last month, to improve on some skills learnt on a pervious course last September and it was such an inspiring experience (www.facebook.com/pages/Creative-Vibe-Glassblowing-Limited/).


I loved the way the molten glass moves and how it’s difficult to control. It is fascinating to see how different materials react as they change from a liquid to a solid state. With Powertex coated fabric, I can at least manipulate the structure a bit as it dries.


Both these encounters got me thinking about where our creativity comes from and how we develop our ideas over time. The two sessions with these wonderful artists stimulated my imagination and made me want to get right back into the studio and create!


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Abyssimo style meetss Powertex

July: A month of learning with colour

In July I’ve been taking time  to learn new skills by visiting Powertex UK HQ for the annual Tutor Retreat. It’s a weekend I look forward to every year as it’s a brilliant time to meet up, share ideas and learn new techniques from some really inspirational Powertex tutors.


Visiting the Tutor Retreat this year was Abyssimo, a super-creative artist. I’ve met Abyssimo (Maria) before and was really impressed with her work and artistic talent, and this year we were able to interpret her work with Powertex Stone Art and take away some great new ideas from workshops and projects taking place over the weekend.


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Easy Mixed Media Pack

Great things come in small packages!

Mini travel sized versions of our favourite toiletries are now a staple of our bathrooms. The world is shrinking to suit our lifestyles! From shower gel to sewing kits, everything has become more convenient to transport and try out. The smaller price tag of these toiletries also makes us more likely to try out a different shampoo or deodorant as it won’t break the bank and doesn’t matter so much if we don’t like it!



The travel size phenomenon is also hitting the art studio with the launch of the Powertex Easy Mixed Media Starter Pack. This small and perfectly formed kit includes sample sizes of Easy Structure, Easy 3D Flex, Easy Coat Matt and Easy Varnish – all you need to begin your very own mixed media project.

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Tripttych Art

Never too expert or too old to learn

This month I held triptych workshops for four lovely ladies – nothing new there, I hear you say. A triptych piece of art consists of three panels that make up the overall image. I usually offer students the chance to create a piece of abstract triptych art using Powertex and recycled fabric and moulded items.


This time, two of the ladies wanted to try the abstract approach, another wanted to create a landscape scene featuring her dog and a pond, and the fourth planned a horse’s head on her triptych panels.


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Floral Rice Paper

Spring has sprung - have fun with florals!


Spring is well and truly here – despite recent weather telling us to get the winter coat out again! I just love the burst of colour that heralds the start of lighter, warmer days. Gardens are full of daffodils, tulips, forsythia and cherry blossom and the trees are tentatively sending out the most vibrant green new leaves – a real treat for the eyes and the soul! 


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